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Made Simple



The last thing you want is another system on top of your existing practice software. That's why Enlive features native integration. All data is automatically and securely saved right in your practice software.

Web Forms

Send forms via Text and Email or embed them on your website so patients can find them easily.

Patient Reviews

Need more reviews? Capture those 5 star reviews while your patients are at chair-side.

Ease of Use

With Enlive, you do away with lost paperwork and having to retype endless mounds of paperwork. Enlive allows you the ability to be more efficient and productive.


Why You'll Love Enlive's Paperless Solutions

Scroll down to see a comparison of two office managers trying to get
some forms completed.


Anna does not use Enlive Forms

Jane does use Enlive Forms

Anna has a full day of patients coming today and that means lots of paper forms to print out and have patients sign them. Lets hope they all sign the forms correctly.

5 mins later

Jane also has a full day of patients coming today but she uses Enlive Forms so there is nothing to print and all her forms are already neatly organized in packets on her iPad.


Anna has now printed a huge stack of paper forms and is now trying to prep her patient packets to be ready for patients.

10 mins later

Jane is taking advantage of her free time and is getting a coffee and bagel.


First batch of patients have complete their forms but immediately Anna notices signatures and key information missing from the forms so she chases after the patients.

1 hour later

First batch of patients have completed with no issues and everything has been synced back into her practice software.


"There's gotta be a better way to do forms” she wonders at Jim, the IT guy who suggests perhaps hiring more staff to help out with the paper load.

2 hours later

Task is done


As more and more patients come in Anna now is walking each patient through each form in an effort to avoid mistakes or missed signatures.

3 hour later


Anna is now thoroughly behind in her work because she has been helping patients with forms all day.

5 hour later


Anna unfortunately has cost her dental office a great deal of time and money She wasted several hours chasing patients for signatures and missing information and because she does not use Enlive Forms she also needs to set aside time to scan all the forms into her practice software.

Since Jane uses Enlive Forms, scanning and chasing after patients is a thing of the past. She now has more time to dedicate to patient care and maybe even snatch up some patient reviews using our Enlive Reviews feature.


What our customers says

Enlive Paperless IntegrationMade Simple


One Click Integration

Say goodbye to scanning forms and manually updating your practice software. Enlive does it all for you.

Enlive features complete integration so that all your patient data gets synced right into your practice software.

Get more done and leave the forms to us.


Simple for Staff. Simple for patients

At Enlive we know that having an easy to use paperless system is key especially when employee turn over is high and that is why our trainings typically only take about 1 hour.

We make Enlive simple for your staff and your patients as well.

Enlive is not a whole other system you have to memorize and make work for you. Our goal is to make the transition as easy as can be which is why we have optimized Enlive to be completely user-friendly.


Beautiful Interactive Forms

Our forms allow you to make fields required, capture every signature and even prompt for patient selfies.

Our forms are easy to read and ensure that the correct information is always in the right place.

We are constantly making improvements to our forms to ensure our clients have the best forms experience.

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