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Things To Do While Surviving a Global Pandemic

Things To Do While Surviving a Global Pandemic

The United States has spent 5 months confronting the painful and tragic reality of the Coronavirus. Not only has it been tragic but, these past 5 months have been filled with uncomfortable adjustments – wearing masks in public, avoiding large gatherings, quarantining in your own home, Zooming your friends and family, washing and sanitizing your hands intentionally – the list goes on.

In addition to that, the Black Lives Matter Protests have exploded this year with much support from the public and select government officials. News channels, on television and social media, have reported violent incidents where police officers use deadly force to disarm protests despite protesters exercising peaceful methods of expressing their support for BLM. Despite the large gatherings, no COVID outbreaks have resulted from these protests since everyone (or mostly everyone) has been wearing their masks.

It feels as if the United States is being bombarded with a million things at once.

These events have been incredibly intense and uncomfortable – let’s take a moment to reflect on what we can do as members of society to contribute positively. While we feel powerless and small in comparison to what’s happening in the world currently, there are things we can do to take care of ourselves during such an intense time. 


  1. CLEAN
    • Sanitize your environment – the coronavirus is contagious through airborne contamination, making it easily contractible. Investing in a couple of sanitation tools like anti-bacterial wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, or gloves would immensely help and decrease your chance of contracting the coronavirus or bringing it home to your close ones. Washing your masks (the reusable ones) will help your health and hygiene as well!
    • Being unable to see friends or family members takes a toll on those who are in close touch with their friends and family. However, utilizing your technological resources will help ease this. Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts – all of these platforms help ease the discomfort of not being able to connect with your close ones. Don’t underestimate the relief that a 15 minute Skype call will have.
    • Whether it’d be an intense session of P90X or a light jog around the neighborhood, physical activity has been proven to boost the amount of dopamine and serotonin in your system – and who can resist a little boost in their mood? Besides, blood circulation within the body helps with just feeling better.
    • Focusing your attention and energy into something productive or creative curbs the need to break quarantine and expose yourself to potential contamination with the coronavirus. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hobby you like!
    • It’s important to keep up with the coronavirus updates since it pertains to the well being of you and your close ones. Rising case numbers or outbreaks can be located in your county or area. Knowing where to stay away from is crucial to your health and your family’s health. 

Surviving a pandemic isn’t easy – your mental health and stability will be challenged along with your everyday activities. Connecting with others will be something that’ll be limited so intentionally and purposefully reaching out to close ones to stay in contacts will be the bane of your existence. It’s a scary time right now and we can’t control each and every single thing that occurs in our world 

However, what we can control is our environment, the amount of time we spend with our loved ones, and our mental health. There’s always things we can do to better our surroundings, which will make us feel a little better during a scary time. 


Stay safe out there! 


Working Through COVID-19: The Need for Touchless Patient Intake

The coronavirus has been spreading rampantly throughout the United States, forcing government officials to enforce business closures as well as closures of parks, beaches, and other public areas.

Many small businesses face frightening financial hardships as the quarantine extends and progresses – however, essential businesses, such as dental practices, medical practices, and grocery stores, remain open for the public to access. In order to abide by safety guidelines, healthcare providers limit visits to emergencies only and restrict capacity.

Dentistry is one of the industries in healthcare that have been confronted with the issue of being at direct risk to the coronavirus since the practice is dependent on in-person visits. Although dental practices do not face imminent danger as their hospital counter parts do, dental staff and dentists still need to practice social distancing in order to reduce contact.

In particular, dental practices all over the United States and Canada are only seeing emergency patients currently. Because dental practices require face-to-face interaction with their patients, offices are seeking other ways to safely maintain a sterile environment while also processing patient intake.


Currently, patient intake requires dental staff to hand patients clipboards, forms, and pens, which pose risks of transferring both airborne and physical contact bacteria. In order to reduce the risk of the coronavirus, completing forms will need to take place away from the office or at least from a distance from dental staff.

The demand for a “touchless” patient intake process grows tremendously as the quarantine extends and the number of COVID-19 cases rises. Dental offices are slowly reopening and increasing the number of patients they will see despite COVID-19 worsening. To combat the pandemic, the demand

Enlive offers Mobile and Web forms for creating a safer yet productive environment for dental practices who need to see emergency patients and want to maintain social distancing.

Enlive’s Mobile and Web forms allow dental practices to:

  • Text and Email forms to individual patients
  • Send reminder emails and texts
  • Set a Due Date for their forms sent.
  • Organize and upload new COVID-19 screening forms while also tracking the forms being sent out.
  • Filter through Completed forms, Incomplete forms, and In Progress forms.
  • Add forms to your website with our Direct Page URL.
  • Build responsive and customizable forms
  • Import patient forms and information back into your practice software

In terms of the practice software we work with, Enlive’s Mobile and Web Forms integrate with Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Eagelsoft, Open Dental, Practice Web, and more.

Not only does Enlive have Mobile and Web forms, we also have paperless solutions for regular, in-office intake procedures. Enlive’s paperless solutions provides the best answer to the pandemic’s effect on healthcare providers.

For more information about our Mobile and Web Forms, give Enlive a call at (800)-942-0375 or visit our website at enlivedental.com.

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