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Capture Patient Information Quickly and Accurately

Enlive Forms gives patients the freedom to enter their patient information, sign consent forms, medical histories, financial agreements on any smart device.

Import Patient Information Directly Into Your Practice Software

Swiftly transfer and store all patient data and forms into your practice software and eliminate tedious data entry.

Snap Patient Selfies With Enlive Forms

Never miss a patients face with Patient Selfies and capture all your patients smiles with Enlive

Scan and Capture License and Insurance Cards

Patients can scan their Insurance or Driver’s License card information for easier data retention.

Update Any Form on Any Device

Use and update ANY form without the hassle of patients re-doing forms or missing important patient information

Collect Reviews to Post to your preferred Social Media platforms

Highlight and post reviews from your preferred Social Media platform by sending out a review request to your patients through Enlive

Benefits of Enlive Patient forms for Dentrix.

No Scanning, Shredding, Filing or Printing.

Enlive Forms gives you the freedom to take your patient forms to the next level. Enjoy features like syncing patient data directly into your Dentrix and Eaglesoft and the click of the button, sign treatment plans, scan your license to quickly capture all the patients information, update insurance information, collect patient reviews and so much more! Ready to see Enlive in action? Click on the button below to schedule your free demo today!

Easy to use Interface

Easy to use Interface

Enlive Forms is optimized to give your patients the best forms experience with easy to read forms with data validation and mandatory field options to ensure you are getting accurate data.

Manage all your
patient forms

Manage all your
patient forms

Manage your forms all from your Enlive Webforms Portal. There you can generate form requests via email and text, setup web links on your website, sync forms to your iPads and have it sync throughout.

Improve productivity
and efficiency

Improve productivity
and efficiency

Enlive Forms gives you the freedom to improve your productivity and efficiency by optimizing those tedious task that consume endless amounts of time like scanning, manual data entry, missing signatures, and more scanning.

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